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This week's cancelled game Options
#1 Posted : Friday, November 17, 2017 6:05:47 PM
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I have a feeling that the administration's response to this will be to delete this, but it has to be said.

First off, this scheduling mistake by the league may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but this is absolutely ridiiculous. You had all season to correct any mistakes. This game was scheduled in August and an hour before the game you tell us there was a mistake? Who is responsible? What will be done for the teams that just got shafted? Because what gets forgotten in all of this are the people that took off of work to make the game, or the people that made schedule changes with family to be there, or the people that were on their way and had to then turn around in disappointment. What happens from here? Nothing but rescheduling and further inconveniencing the two teams that did nothing wrong by making them do a double header and further messing up their schedules.

I am pissed, but as a long time member of this league am aware of what will happen in mistakes like this because this has happened before. No changes will be made, no money will be refunded, no apologies will be sent out, and business will go on as usual. If you're willing to charge teams the money that we pay, which is a lot, then something MUST be done when you, the administration, make such an egregious mistake.

So, it's on you now to prove to the players in this league that mistakes as significant as this can not be tolerated.

Kevin Shull
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#2 Posted : Friday, November 17, 2017 6:16:36 PM
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If a team that forfeits has to pay a penalty fee, shouldn't the league pay a prorated penalty fee to the team's involved in their untimely forfeit?
#3 Posted : Friday, November 17, 2017 6:38:29 PM
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This is ridiculous ! Administration created this schedule in August which is late ! It’s administrations responsibility to make sure all permits for fields are 100% in tact and are followed !! How does this type or error happen ??? This goes to what I’ve been saying for the last 8 years which is JAMS as a league and organization has been dropping the ball on many areas ! I’m going to state facts as it relates to this particular situation
1) Hurricanes and Spartans both are fighting for the top seeds
2) Code Red has ZERO WINS and SWAG is fighting for one of the last 3 seeds
3) No matter what the outcome of the last 2 Code Red games are they have already been eliminated from playoff contention
4) Scheduling was made in August
5) Code Red vs. Swag was scheduled for 7:15pm
6) Hurricanes vs. Spartans was scheduled for 8:15pm

With all that being said Code Red vs Swag game should have been cancelled and rescheduled because if Swag was already gonna play 2 games this weekend then they could’ve kept their Sunday game this weekend and had the 2 games next weekend !!! The first game was where the time conflict occurred which is another reason that game should have been cancelled and rescheduled!!! This is administration screw up and there is literally nothing that can be done at this point to fix it !! I am going on record as to state this FACT:

Hurricanes and Spartans should not be made to play this game because it will have to be back to back games in one day or one weekend and both teams have two difficult games remaining ! Spartans have hurricanes and union ! Hurricanes have Spartans and Boonton !! Both teams should receive a win and not inconvenienced any further !


If this is not remedied correctly HURRICANES WILL SHOW UP NEXT WEEK FROM GAME 1 to the last scheduled game

I’m sick of the ignorance and lack of respect and I am sick of the way business is handled in this league !!!

And WE WILL FOLLOW THROUGH ON THIS !!! This is not a threat this is a promise !!!!
DJ Haze aka MVP every year
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#4 Posted : Friday, November 17, 2017 8:14:37 PM
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I stand 100% behind the remarks made by my teammates Kevin and Dave. There aren’t many things that disappoint me but tonight was an oversight that is just unforgivable. I personally left work early, changed plans with my wife and kids and I drove over an hour to the field. I finally found out when I walked onto the field and saw Code Red and Swag just starting their game. I am beyond livid that I had to drive over 2 hours there and back as well as change all my plans for nothing! I am pretty certain that I’m not the only one with a similar story. How does this happen? How is the schedule not reconciled on a weekly basis to make sure that this does not occur? How??? I don’t know that there is any thing that can be said or done to remedy tonight’s mistake. Tonight was inexcusable! That’s all I have to say.
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#5 Posted : Saturday, November 18, 2017 9:16:17 AM
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I agree with the vast majority of what has been said. With the exception of Dave's logic about how Swagmanian Devils' and Code Red's game should be cancelled or they should be penalized because there was a scheduling error. Traditionally and historically what ALWAYS happens is if the first game on the schedule is late, every other game gets pushed back. That is the unfortunate circumstances those later scheduled games have to deal with (by no means am I saying it's acceptable). For instance, the first game of the season the refs did not show up on time from my understanding and every game started late. As an effect, the last scheduled game of the day (Spartans and Swagmanian Devils) could not play an overtime due to field timing issues. Now as Dave mentioned, both of these teams are fighting for playoff seeding, albeit not close to each other. Nevertheless, an extra win could be paramount when the season ends. I am confident that every single team in this league has dealt with that issue in the past so it is not meant to be a complaint but to highlight that cancelling the first game due to a delay is not how things are carried out.

Regardless, the point we are all making is that this was a colossal inconvenience to everyone. People on the teams from the latter game were likely en route from far away and made big changes in their plans for Friday night. I am sorry you all had to go through that. But by the same token, this was also an inconvenience for the former games' players. I can only speak for my team when I say that individuals took a day off from work because there was no way imaginable one can drive in rush hour and make a 7:15 game on a Friday night AFTER work. Others such as myself had to make arrangements so we can work an EXTRA shift next weekend in order to make this game on time. Therefore, to arrive at the field on time for a 7:15 game after a few hours of driving only to see a little league soccer game being played which was nowhere close to ending was a little annoying. Furthermore, to wait in the frigid cold for an extra hour, also annoying. In fact, if I had not called multiple board members to inform them of the mistake, more than likely every single player on Hurricanes and Spartans would have arrived to their game only to discover some not so good news.

With this all being said, I will say that perhaps this is not the fault of our league. There was a conflict between TWO parties. JAMS and the Soccer game preceding us. Perhaps that soccer game went over their allotted time and its THEIR fault. In which case, the county or whomever JAMS paid for the field time is the one to blame. So I would would advise everyone here to not jump to conclusions so quickly. I understand we are all frustrated. Rightfully so. But I am certain a logical explanation is coming....
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#6 Posted : Saturday, November 18, 2017 12:48:48 PM
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Everyone take a deep breath. This was an unfortunate event, most of the players from the 2nd game were within 15 minutes of the field if not closer. It sucks, but it happens. I've been through similar situations with the MB League a couple of years ago, its out of the administrations hands when the gym/field messes up their schedule, or tells you out of nowhere that you cannot use the gymnasium/field tomorrow or day-of.

This stuff happens. Your post wasn't deleted. The league sent out a message to at least the two teams who didn't play with an apology/remedy, and 2-3 scheduling options. Swag and Code Red got their game in, albeit late but it got in as it should have over the 2nd game. And the league administration wouldve found out from the stat keeper and videographer eventually. Its unfortunate it happened so late in the season, and its unfortunate it screwed up a lot of individual schedules for those planning to attend, but this isn't a disaster.

It sounds like everyone lives an hour away from that field, maybe we should just abandon Torpey altogether Pray
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